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It's Been 2 Years

2013-10-16 21:27:37 by CypressDahlia

...since I started posting in the Art Portal. And it's been fun.

But I think it's time for me to actually get serious and open up a professional portfolio. Thanks for all the support and whatnot. I will come back and keep you guys up to date, but because I desire to do professional work, I can't upload production pieces or have my art hanging around in full res. Whenever I get the okay, though, I will come back and update.

Peace, and wish me luck


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2013-10-17 13:02:38

Best of luck, drop by every so often, tell us about your progress and troubles :)


2013-10-17 17:38:55

Did ya really have to take down your suff from here? *Sigh* Well, good luck to you man. Lookin' forward to your return.


2013-10-18 08:51:15

Good luck!


2013-10-18 10:43:58

I'm confident you will make, be sure to visit evry once in a while.



2013-10-18 16:53:22

Good luck I know you make newgrounds proud!


2013-11-16 02:32:04

A bit late but I wish you the best of luck. Never give up! i've been looking up your art since a little after you joined NG!
We're all behind you. Your fans will forever follow you! (i know this one will)


2013-11-17 17:23:45

You are a fantastic artist and possibly my favorite one here on NG. It's sad to see you pull your stuff down, but I won't complain any further than that. Best of luck to you! I genuinely hope you find success in your endeavor. Stop by an let us know every know and then.