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started a short series

2013-12-07 22:15:40 by CypressDahlia

This is a series I'm working on in tandem with a game I'm developing around the universe within the story. It's done in the style of a classic NES game intro.




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2013-12-08 16:21:44

Looks nice. Though, if ya do it in 8-bit, I hope ya have characters have fluid animation rather than choppy animation. Like have Shantae animation rather than Mega Man animation, know what I mean? To me, it's kinda annoying when people do that now-a-days. People who do that say it's to be retro, but personally, I think it's cuz they're lazy. Please don't be lazy. When Ronnie walks, I wanna see him walk, not switch between two frames.
Eitherway, I'm lookin' forward to this.