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So I've been on NG for a loooong time. When I was here in 2009, the ratio of M/A art to E/T art was like 40/60. There was a lot of it, but it wasn't a dominant force. Coming back in 2018, it's more like 80/20. You could go for pages without seeing an E-rated image. Do I think that's bad? No.

I like NSFW art. I've drawn a handful of it myself and I think deserves a place in any art community, especially with some of the high quality NSFW art posted here. But we do have to address the elephant in the room: is Newgrounds (mainly the Art Portal) a Porn Site? I'm not using "Porn" as a pejorative, either. Porn is great. But it seems NG is fighting an uphill battle to promote the Art Portal as being general, when 80% of the content is porn. The way the art portal is advertised on the Front Page is verrrry different from what the actual content distribution is. On top of that, the recent Tumblr controversy will be sending NSFW artists in droves to Newgrounds.

I think NG needs to acknowledge its largely NSFW nature, and might even benefit from it. I know what the general marketing and censorship implications of that is. But is it really worth trying to cover it up at this point? This is not a criticism, but more an acknowledgement of what is slowly and eventually going to happen anyway. Opinions?

EDIT: I appreciate everyone's feedback so far and people taking their time own to tell me what they think.


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