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Any Way to Un-Vote on your Own Art?

2016-09-28 12:51:25 by CypressDahlia

Miss-clicked and voted "5" on my own art. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but I really hate it. I don't even know why Newgrounds LETS you vote on your own art. So is there any way to nullify your own vote?

EDIT: I've actually just gone ahead and deleted the art in question. Once agian, I know this sounds petty, but it gives me crazy OCD.

Switching Focus

2016-05-13 12:33:01 by CypressDahlia

After about 5 years freelancing as an illustrator/designer, I've started making game assets. I've been on a couple projects as animator/pixel artist and it's really helped my rediscover my love for retro games. So that's probably where my focus will be for a while, as far as goals and aspirations. It's also just really nice to move onto something new every once in a while. Learn new skills, challenge standards and solve problems. That's what art is about.

Road to PAX East

2015-12-12 22:16:47 by CypressDahlia

It's been a very rewarding year for me. Meeting lots of new people, working for lots of different IPs. One of my recent employers, Greenbrier Games, has kindly offered me an industry badge to attend PAX East at no cost. So, if any of you are swinging by, you might run into me. 131 days and counting.

Update Blog

2015-10-03 07:45:02 by CypressDahlia

Not assuming I'm important enough to make "update blogs" but my professional career is going well. Meeting tons of industry folks really opened my eyes to the reality of professional art. The practice, studying and diligence has been intense over the last couple months. Even at my current skill level, I am an ant compared to many of the people I work with. But it's its own kind of motivation. My personal sketchbook is as full as it's ever been, so I will be dropping off small clusterfucks of things every once in a while. Peace peace.



Massive Rebuilding Phase

2015-08-23 04:50:40 by CypressDahlia

If you're familiar with how my brain works, you prolly know that I purge my art gallery almost entirely every year. Ever year as artists we get a little bit better. Our old work disgusts us. We have to let go and rebuild, start holding ourselves to a higher standard and work off a new elevation. That's basically what's happening. So don't be alarmed if a lot of art disappears.

And So It Begins

2015-08-18 15:49:57 by CypressDahlia

Voting system reform, huh. After all these years Newgrounds starts to take itself a little more seriously? I'm on board.


2015-05-05 19:42:39 by CypressDahlia

Sorry I been away. Just wanted to tell you guys that I am now working fulltime as an artist, so I will mostly be inactive on this site. I also wanted to tell you it's important to look for things outside of Newgrounds. NG can be your home, but sometimes you gotta leave your house and experience new things, seek mentorship, look for support and tightly knit communities with common goals. So for people who want to start working in the industry, I suggest looking beyond the boundaries of this site. It's okay to call Newgrounds home, as I did for many years, but don't sit in your house all day. You don't get a job that way. Peace and good luck.

Well Lookie Dat

2015-02-17 17:40:00 by CypressDahlia

Was featured on the Taiwanese Starcraft 2 page. I've officially gone international. Woop.


I just wanted to remind folks that drawing titties all the time is great and all (no, seriously, I love titties just as much as the next guy), but if you have aspirations of working in any industry or for any company, especially in the mainstream, you CANNOT --repeat-- CANNOT have a portfolio full of just one thing. Doesn't matter what that one thing is: titties, cars, backgrounds, characters. It's like applying for any other job. Sure, you may have the fundamental requirements to fulfil one duty (ie. making coffee at Starbucks), but they're measuring you against other applicants with a wider repertoire of skills. Sure, you CAN make coffee, but why have a person who can only make coffee when you can have someone who can also bake scones?

The only industry that will take a portfolio full of tits is the hentai industry, which is like non-existent this side of the Pacific. And even then, you'll be competing against the likes of Tony Taka, Tsukasa Jun, Shunya Yamashita, and other amazing, well-rounded artists. The art industry is VERY competitive and, unless you're willing to be the best artist you can be (which means letting go of crutches like only drawing one body type, one perspective, one gender, etc.), you will NOT make it.

This isn't meant to be discouraging, but encouraging to those who really want to push themselves. I encourage all artists to branch out. Try new things. Really push for achievement in all areas. Study, practice. Even if you don't want industry work and just want to draw titties all day; trust me, dude, your ability to draw other things will greatly improve your ability to draw titties.

In other news, Newgrounds art lurkers love to fap to rape, but if you draw a picture of a character dressed as a Nazi, you are an evil person.

On Newgrounds, drawing gay porn is gross, but drawing underaged characters getting boinked (even by their own parents) is highly acceptable.

Please stop being such morally relative dickbags, or keep your morals out of your voting practices. Thanks.