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Rape Is Okay, but Nazi Uniforms are Not

2014-12-21 12:12:57 by CypressDahlia

In other news, Newgrounds art lurkers love to fap to rape, but if you draw a picture of a character dressed as a Nazi, you are an evil person.

On Newgrounds, drawing gay porn is gross, but drawing underaged characters getting boinked (even by their own parents) is highly acceptable.

Please stop being such morally relative dickbags, or keep your morals out of your voting practices. Thanks.


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2014-12-21 12:51:14

Art. Interesting thing it is. An idea that someone has. You try to make your idea come true as an art piece, but never quite get the one you had in mind. Just a reflection of an idea is submitted.
Now when OBSERVER comes, with what right are you even criticizing, if you don't know the EXACT IDEA what the creator had in mind.
Only the creator can criticize himself as the one who really knew what he wanted to create.
We as observers come with our who have absolutely no idea what the creator had in mind while creating the PIECE and think:"ooh he had this in mind, o-nonono he meant that." or "no this is wrong, it has to be like this".
And god forbid when a victim of a nazi era opens his mouth, having background info only about Hitler and how they slaughtered jews. But perhaps the artist was thinking about the ancient SUN symbol swastika, which in our near history only associates with the deeds of Hitler.
And suddenly YOU(artist) are GUILTY of creating a MASS MURDERING ART. But wait how does art itself even has ability to kill? Oh....
IT'S ALL in YOUR MIND dear observer, don't OVERTHINK shit. YOU have no idea what THE CREATOR MEANT.


2014-12-21 14:30:24

Thank you! I thought I was alone on this.


2014-12-22 13:45:26

I strongly support your viewpoint... Things are quite backwards...


2014-12-22 15:05:48

You're really telling what's right. Newgrounds is no place for filth like that.


2014-12-23 12:25:36

The internet, you will never find a more wreached hive of scum and villainy.


2015-07-07 11:04:39