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Massive Rebuilding Phase

2015-08-23 04:50:40 by CypressDahlia

If you're familiar with how my brain works, you prolly know that I purge my art gallery almost entirely every year. Ever year as artists we get a little bit better. Our old work disgusts us. We have to let go and rebuild, start holding ourselves to a higher standard and work off a new elevation. That's basically what's happening. So don't be alarmed if a lot of art disappears.


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2015-08-24 21:07:00

Thank you for the warning.


2015-12-06 04:15:13

I think older art work can be motivational to look at while comparing to newer work, and reminds oneself on what needs to be improved on. Older work can also show others a timeline of how far you've come, and can be relatable to other artists skill levels, which then motivates them to improve also. Showing the gap in which you've improved to beginning artists shows that you're not talented, but skilled at your craft through time of practicing.

Congratulations on how far you've come. I hope to be at your skill level one day. From a fellow artist, I wish you all the best in your art moving forward!

- GreyTheVIII